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Grace Kelly Bridal Package - $253

Look as flawless on “your day” as Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Monaco looked on hers. Our Bridal package pampers and prepares you to look your very best on the day when all eyes will be on you. The package includes a fresh and rejuvenating seaweed facial and refreshing eye treatment for glowing skin, a hydrotherapy pedicure for those honeymoon walks on the beach, a paraffin treatment for your feet (you will be in heels all day, you know) or your hands followed with an elegant French manicure. Finish with a relaxing and energizing half-hour massage and one-time complimentary tanning. You will be as beautiful as the day you and your groom are celebrating!  

Cary Grant Groom Package - $178

Okay, you may not have savior-faire, but you can certainly look like you do after we get you ready for the most important day of your life. Our Groom package includes a shampoo and haircut or trim, a hydrotherapy pedicure and manicure (imagine her surprise!). Finish with a relaxing, refreshing hour long massage and one-time complimentary tanning. Your girl will be breathless when she meets you at the end of the aisle!  

The Riviera - $226

Capture the benefits of the fresh sea salt air on the beautiful Mediterranean without the expense of flying to the Cote d’Azur! Our package treats you like a royal of Monaco with a refreshing and pampering seaweed facial and a sea spa pedicure for perfect toes on the beach. Have impeccable nails with a relaxing French manicure and get ready for the beach with a bikini wax. Add some glow to your skin with one-time complimentary tanning. Vive la difference!   

London Calling - $189

Bring yourself out of the fog of your busy day or week with our package reflecting the stylish and practical nature of one of Europe’s most famous capitals. Start with a relaxing hour long massage to help you let go of your    cares (at least for a little while). Perk up your outlook with a refreshing half-hour facial and put your best foot forward with a hydrotherapy pedicure. Finish with a lovely manicure and add some glow to your skin with one-time complimentary tanning. You’ll emerge ready for an evening at the pub with friends or return to the hustle and bustle of your life looking stylish and relaxed. No need for a stiff upper lip!  

The Parisian - $329

One of the reasons why Paris is the world center of style and culture is because Parisian women know how to pamper themselves to ensure they are every bit as vibrant and beautiful as the styles they wear and the city they call home. Our package gives you the pampering you deserve. We make your whole body feel good with an hour long massage and continue the relaxing mood with a four-layer facial. Your feet will look fabulous in the latest sandals or open toed shoes after a half-hour hydrotherapy pedicure and paraffin dip. Our Parisian package would not be complete without a French manicure and a shampoo and hair style. Jazz up your look and make it carefree by having your lashes tinted! Add some glow to your skin with one-time complimentary tanning and get ready for an evening filled with light and love. Tres belle, cherie! 

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Inner Glow - $100

  • Reiki  session 45 min. to an hour
  • Basic Facial – 30 min.
  • Paraffin Hand Treatment

Roman Holiday - $204

All road lead to Rome. We take you to the city famous in the ancient world for it’s lavish spas and decadent pampering. We’ll treat you like the wife of a Caesar with a relaxing and energizing half-hour massage followed by a four-layer facial certain to improve your perspective. Truly indulge yourself with a warm and luxurious paraffin treatment for your hands or feet and complete the splurge with a sea spa pedicure and beautiful manicure. Add some glow to your skin with one-time complimentary tanning and you’ll be set to conquer the world!  

Vacation from Vacation - $207

Let us help you recuperate from all that fun and relaxation you had with the kids, the dogs and the mosquitoes. Get the rest and relaxation you missed on vacation starting with a half-hour massage followed by a half-hour facial. Put some spring back in your step with a soothing hydrotherapy pedicure and add some glow to your skin with one-time complimentary tanning. We know what vacation really means.

Business Man’s Special - $128

Time is money, right? Well there’s no reason you can’t look impeccable while your making your fortune, landing a job or a promotion. We’ll help you get set for success with an hour-long massage certain to help you stay focused and relaxed while you’re swimming with sharks. Pay attention to every detail with a sports manicure (no frills, just clean trim nails) along with a shampoo and cut or trim. Finish your look with one-time complimentary tanning and get out there! The world is your oyster!  

Just the Basics - $104

Short on time but still want to look and feel great while you’re on the go? We’ve got you covered with a soothing half-hour facial followed by a relaxing half-hour hydrotherapy pedicure. Great nails don’t have to be flashy with our no-nonsense sports manicure and look refreshed and confident after one-time complimentary tanning. So little time—so many benefits!  

Renew & Refresh - $195

The package expands on ‘The Basics’ just a little bit. The half-hour facial is preceded with a relaxing and refreshing half-hour massage. The hydrotherapy pedicure is then followed by a shampoo and cut or trim. Finish with a manicure, add some glow to your skin with one-time complimentary tanning and you are on you way, looking and feeling ready for any challenge your day can bring!  

Create Your Own

Don’t see exactly the combination of services you want in our packages? Create your own from our list of services. We’ll be happy to accommodate whatever you choose and include one-time complimentary tanning. It’s all about you!